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As members of the most interconnected generation in history, we understand that the policy issues we care about increasingly transcend national borders. From human rights to economy prosperity to climate change, the change our generation hopes to bring about has an inherently global impact. Roosevelt is concerned with addressing international relationships in the broadest sense—political relationships, economic relationships

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In this Report, Emerging Fellow for Defense & Diplomacy Suprita Datta argues that Refugee regimes today suffer from a lack of opportunity to develop their long-term well-being and pathways toself-sufficiency. Traditional models of donor aid and subsequently, donor fatigue, keep refugee populationsdependent on external sources in order to fulfill their needs. As the length of

When the mainstream media ignores crises abroad, the crisis doesn’t stop or disappear, and that lack of attention can shift a situation from bad to worse. Given the recent revolutionary events in Ukraine, it is understandable that much of American media attention on foreign politics is concentrated on that country, and that country alone. But

As the Geneva II talks on Syria begin, Iran’s absence at the negotiating table reveals the problems in attempting to reach an agreement if the actors involved in this crisis aren’t invited to help end it. The situation in Syria has grown increasingly desperate, though the decrease in news coverage might lead you to believe

On Wednesday, October 16, the Roosevelt Institute will present the 2013 Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Awards, honoring individuals and organizations whose work exemplifies FDR’s vision of democracy. Click here to RSVP for the free public ceremony.

Filibuster reform is increasingly important, but just as important is the way it’s achieved. In recent years, Congress has achieved several unprecedented failures. Since 2007, an estimated 391 filibusters forced cloture votes. Compare that to only 49 cloture votes between 1919 and 1970. In the 112th congress alone, members of Congress have accomplished the passage of

As the presidential race arrives at the finish line, both sides have engaged in increasingly harsh rhetoric about how they’ll handle China. This is due largely to voters’ concerns about American jobs moving overseas, the amount of U.S. debt held by China, and the U.S.-China trade deficit. Romney says one of the first things he’ll

Higher education should be accessible to all students looking to better themselves and give back to their communities. Marylanders will see a long list of referenda items in this year’s ballot when they head to the polls tomorrow. For me, the most important one is the Maryland Dream Act, a bill that would allow the