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From widespread privatization to the new Illinois state budget, Chicago has problems that demand solutions. Chicago Leaders Class (CLC) brought together students from Chicago area schools each semester for a crash-course in local public policy issues, grassroots organizing, and political discourse– helping to engage students during in the crucial upcoming local elections. CLC was an

Roosevelt @ Illinois in the Glacier  At an April 26, 2016 event in the U Building, was State Rep. Kelly Burke, (D), from Illinois’ 36th District, which represents areas including Palos Hills and Evergreen Park. She was joined by Brenna Conway, the director of the Roosevelt Institute of Illinois, a non-profit organization which promotes student

Roosevelt @ DePaul University’s Douglas Ortiz writes on the Higher education crisis in Illinois: If Governor Rauner wants our support for his turnaround agenda, he needs to start working for it. And if he’s not going to talk about higher education in Illinois, we are. Read the full piece here.

Roosevelt is home to the nation’s largest network of emerging doers and thinkers—young people who are committed to reimagining and rewriting the rules in their communities. Our members are organized on 130+ campuses in 40 states nationwide, from four-year universities to community colleges, partnering with policy makers and communicators to provide them with clear, principled ideas

By Cris Cambianca Across the country, food delivery service technology is developing rapidly at the same time that food delivery infrastructure is becoming increasingly interconnected. However, these innovations have not extended to systems of food recovery, or to address the substantial waste generated by these systems. Restaurants, cafeterias, and consumers throw away a lot of

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Jennifer Kim, pulling on her work with the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, argues that local governments are more adept at collaborating that state government accounts for. Intergovernmental collaboration is not a foreign concept to municipalities: examples include massive insurance pools birthed from COGs that bring together over 500 municipalities just in Illinois; a municipality-led joint-purchasing initiative so successful

Progress Illinois highlights the NextGen Illinois agenda created by Roosevelt and Young Invincibles. The agenda crowdsourced ideas from thousands of young people in the state of Illinois. Ahead of Rauner’s first State of the State address back in February, Young Invincibles and the student-run Roosevelt Institute Campus Network released a 10-item, Millennial-driven policy platform developed

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Brenna Conway details how Governor Rauner’s 2015 budget plan is not in line with what young Illinoisians want. Young people in Illinois are both aware and concerned about the future of our state. Over several months last year, hundreds of students and young workers came together through the NextGen Illinois project to discuss ways to improve employment,

Rachel Reimenschneider, critiquing Illinois Governor Rauner’s State of the State Address, cite the importance of young people in building a stronger state. While Rauner’s concern for keeping Illinois competitive with neighboring states was undeniable, the issues most important to the state’s young people, such as the environment, scarcely were mentioned. Read more in the State

Interview with Matthew Fischler ’10 and Rahul Rekhi ‘13 Roosevelt alums in Forbes 30 Under 30 for Law & Policy 2015 Interviewed by Joe McManus, Special Initiatives Director This transcript has been edited for length and clarity. Joe McManus: How did you first get involved in Roosevelt? Rahul Rekhi: I reached out to Rajiv Narayan,