FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 24, 2018 CONTACT: Jennifer Miller,   NEW ROOSEVELT INSTITUTE REPORT HIGHLIGHTS THE HARMFUL RACIAL IMPACTS OF THE GOP TAX LAW Latest Analysis From Leading Progressive Think Tank Argues Tax Overhaul ‘Preys Upon People of Color’   NEW YORK, NY — Earlier today, the Roosevelt Institute released its latest issue brief: Hidden

The federal tax code is one of the most powerful tools of economic policymaking, housing critical rules that govern our economy. As such, it is also home to a set of hidden racial rules that, through intention or neglect, provide opportunities to some communities and create barriers for others. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,

Americans today rank corruption of government officials as their top fear—even above fear of North Korea’s use of nuclear weapons. Far from a new phenomenon, public trust in government has polled consistently low for over a decade. Newspapers report daily on elected officials who benefit personally from the policies they pass, regulators who once led

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 26, 2018 CONTACT: Alexander Tucciarone,, 516-263-9775   ROOSEVELT INSTITUTE ECONOMIST PRAISES NEW LEGISLATION TACKLING THE EXCESSIVE POWER OF MANAGEMENT IN THE LABOR MARKET Legislation Would Address the Ways Overly-Concentrated Labor Markets Harm Working People, Comes on Heels of New Roosevelt Institute Report on Market Power   NEW YORK, NY —

Will the status-quo trade order survive, implode, or be reformed? From the campaign trail to his unrelenting tweets, President Trump has made clear that he thinks trade pacts are rigged against American interests, causing many to wonder about the fate of the liberal world order. Please join Roosevelt fellow and political scientist Todd N. Tucker and TIME Magazine’s Haley

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 10, 2018 CONTACT: Alexander Tucciarone,, 516-263-9775   STATEMENT: LATEST FACEBOOK CONTROVERSY UNDERSCORES RISKS OF CORPORATE POWER, NEED FOR GREATER REGULATION   NEW YORK, NY– In advance of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress, Marshall Steinbaum, Research Director and Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, issued the following statement: “The latest

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 6, 2018 CONTACT: Alexander Tucciarone,, 516-263-9775   ROOSEVELT INSTITUTE FELLOW, ANTHEM PRESS RELEASE NEW BOOK ON KEY GLOBAL ECONOMIC FLASH POINT IN TRUMP ERA Book Focuses on Controversial Legal Mechanism Used to Challenge Labor, Environmental, Consumer Protections Around the World   NEW YORK, NY– This week, Roosevelt Institute Fellow and

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Stock buybacks are having their day in the news—and state policymakers have the ability to end the dominance of this “shareholder first” behavior. Businesses have seen a massive tax cut as a result of the GOP tax law, but the jobs promised with the Tax Cuts and Job Act have yet to materialize. Instead, companies

MEDIA ADVISORY: March 22, 2018 CONTACT: Alexander Tucciarone,, 516-263-9775   STATEMENT: Financial Economy Experts at Roosevelt Institute React to Bill Introduced by Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) to Ban Stock Buybacks New York, NY — Responding to the introduction of the Reward Work Act by Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), which would ban stock buybacks and

Submitted testimony from Lenore Palladino, Senior Economist and Policy Counsel, Roosevelt Institute March 15, 2018   Dear Senator Martin, Senator Winfield, Representative Lesser and Members of the Banking Committee: My name is Lenore Palladino. I am a Senior Economist and Policy Counsel at the Roosevelt Institute. Thank you for the opportunity to testify before you

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