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The Hidden Rules of Race shines an objective light on the discriminatory systems and structures that perpetuate disparities between black and white Americans. The authors’ call for a comprehensive reorientation of our perspective on economic and racial inequality is bold, timely, and deeply necessary for those of us who wish to build a more inclusive

This blog is cross-posted from the Cambridge University Press blog. Roosevelt Fellow Andrea Flynn, one of the authors of the forthcoming Hidden Rules of Race, gives us a look at the much-anticipated new book exploring inequality in the United States. Racial inequality is alive and well in America, and conservatives are strategically dismantling one of

Among all social groups in the United States, women of color experience some of the starkest disparities, inequities, and injustices across nearly every social and economic indicator. Compared with white women, women of color have higher levels of unemployment and poverty; they have significantly less wealth; they are more likely to be targeted by and