Our tuition checks shouldn’t be going to pay off debts from Wall Street’s bad deals. The last few decades have not been kind to America’s local public institutions. Cities that once built state-of-the-art infrastructure are now struggling to fix potholes in the street. Public schools that were once the best in the world are lagging

The ghost of Lehman Brothers is still haunting colleges and universities around the country, continuing to extract money from institutions even though the financial firm itself is long dead. When Lehman Brothers Holdings declared bankruptcy in 2008, it was the fourth largest investment bank in the United States. The giant’s collapse was felt in all

After 114 years of educating young women in rural Virginia, Sweet Briar College recently announced that the 2015 academic year would be its last. It’s closing its doors, administrators say, because its model is no longer sustainable. There are plenty of people coming out of the woodwork to explain Sweet Briar’s problems. Dr. James F. Jones, the school’s president, claims

Eugenia Kim and Alan Smith outline a plan for NYU to invest its sizable endowment into institutions that benefit both the university and the surrounding community.     2014-15 White Paper – NYU Rethinking Communities by Roosevelt Campus Network

Some of the negative changes in the workplace brought on by new technologies can be countered by institutions like universities setting higher standards. The past 30 years have seen a revolution in communication and analytic technology, one that has begun to shape the nature of firms and the types of work that exist in the

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Through participatory budgeting, Detroit could bring its resident’s hyper-local expertise to the revitalization process. The city of Detroit is suffering. It has the highest unemployment rate of the nation’s largest cities at 23 percent, the highest poverty rate at 36.4 percent, and has been listed by Forbes as America’s most dangerous city for five years

Rethinking Communities

National change begins in our own back yards. Learn how the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network’s Rethinking Communities initiative is making it happen. Learn more at rethinkingcommunities.com and join the conversation using hashtag #RethinkingCommunities.

Roosevelt Institute Associate Director of Networked Initiatives Alan Smith and NYU student Eugenia Kim explain the Campus Network’s Rethinking Communities Initiative and how universities can promote local development.  Click here to read more about Rethinking Communities.

Anchor institutions like universities and hospitals have the power to establish a living wage and a stronger economy. The New York Times is reporting that President Obama plans to sign an executive order requiring workers under federal contractors to be paid at least $10.10 per hour. This move will be a key point in tonight’s State of