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Roosevelt @ American, known for its interest in intersectionality,  develops multi-dimensional solutions to local and international issues. For years our members have risen through Network leadership, and published versatile 10 Ideas pieces. Our alumni are combating money in politics, working for education non-profits, co-founded the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, and work for the Roosevelt

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(Last updated Dec. 5, 2014) In the wake of the announcement that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson would not stand trial for the shooting death of Michael Brown, members of our Networks shared their views on what’s unfolding in Missouri and what it means for us as a nation. Marissa Charlemagne, Campus Network member and

Yesterday’s decision on McCutcheon v. FEC will radically change the power of individual donors, the amount of money in politics, and how we look at campaign finance reform. While he made a few conciliatory gestures to the left-leaning justices in the first page of his decision, the core of Chief Justice John Roberts’s decision on

Jeff Raines and Joe Swanson participated in the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network’s Summer Academy program in DC in 2011 and NYC in 2012 respectively. They reflect on why they chose Summer Academy, and how it’s helped to shape their college experiences and career goals. Jeff: I wanted to spend my first summer internship doing

U.S. lobstermen aren’t netting the profits they deserve thanks to trade arrangements with Canada. It is not very often that the New York Times decides to pen an article about the Maine lobster industry. So when a Canada correspondent based in Ottawa and a New England correspondent based in Boston write two different articles in

Cases like McCutcheon v. FEC aren’t about free speech. They’re about how much influence the wealthiest Americans should have over our elected officials. On Tuesday, October 8, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission. This case is just the latest episode in the fight to define money as either