THE PROBLEM Historically, colleges and universities have played a passive role in the prevention and education directly relating to sexual assault and rape on their campuses. Common statistics are all too real for far too many students embarking on a path towards higher education. One in five women in college will be sexually assaulted at

Roosevelt @ Mason

Roosevelt @ Mason is George Mason University’s largest and most active nonpartisan student policy organization. Roosevelt @ Mason provides student leaders with a network and resources to effectively plan, organize, and implement progressive policy initiatives at the campus, local, state, and national levels. In its first year, Roosevelt @ George Mason delivered in every Roosevelt

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Taylor Pigram and Emma Copeland advocate for the Virginia ABC to allocate some of its profit to fight sexual assault on campuses. Universities and colleges in the commonwealth could use those funds toward increased education about sexual abuse on campus, after-care for assault victims and the establishment of a 24-hour sexual assault nurse examiner on

The Key Point Missing From The College Cost Debate Emma Copeland from Roosevelt @ George Mason on Talking Points Memo The role of colleges as a potential force for good within their more immediate communities is often overlooked when we talk about the costs of college. Indeed, one of the most profound ways a university can improve the

Casey Tolan covers the action and University’s response to Roosevelt @ George Mason’s campaign to fight sexual assault on their campus. The Solo cup demonstration was planned by the university chapter of theRoosevelt Institute, a national student group that promotes progressive policies. It’s part of a larger effort at George Mason to study campus sexual

Texas recently passed some of the most conservative, pro-gun legislation in the country, which drastically liberalizes open carry laws on college campuses. With the aid of lobbyists and lawmakers backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), the legislation is now moving forward in more than fourteen other states as well. Student policymakers are a vital intellectual

We need to start holding colleges accountable as anchor institutions that provide economic growth and stability to their communities. In recent weeks, the debate about holding colleges accountable has focused on schools’ responsibilities toward failing students, continuously rising tuition, and increasing student debt. What’s been overlooked is the role of colleges as a potential force

Our tuition checks shouldn’t be going to pay off debts from Wall Street’s bad deals. The last few decades have not been kind to America’s local public institutions. Cities that once built state-of-the-art infrastructure are now struggling to fix potholes in the street. Public schools that were once the best in the world are lagging

Roosevelt @ George Mason’s Emma Copeland and Taylor Pigram wrote a 10 Ideas policy to advocate for the Virginia ABC to allocate 20% of it’s annual profits to sexual assault care. Read an excerpt below and download the full proposal using the download link at the top of the page: Because one in five women

In its first year, the Roosevelt  @ Mason chapter was covered by George Mason’s Fourth Estate: “What’s so special about Roosevelt and about [our chapter] is that we believe in student ideas and discussions and talking about things and figuring our ideas out, but we also really believe in making an impact and taking ideas

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