Mount Holyoke’s campus news source highlights the advocacy work Jessica Morris, Roosevelt @ Mt Holyoke, is doing to fight mass incarceration in the state of Massachusetts. Jessica Morris ‘15, a Mount Holyoke Roosevelt Institute Scholar, spoke at a mass incarceration forum in Amherst this past Saturday with Massachusetts State Senate President Stan Rosenberg and State

Colleen Flaherty covers Danielle Brown, from Roosevelt @ Mt Holyoke, as she details an experience with a racial slur in the classroom setting. How do I react to this? In high school, I would have walked out of the room straight to my car. I would have called my mother on the way home, and

On June 9, 2015, Campus Network Senior Fellow Jessica Morris testified before the Joint Committee on the Judiciary of the Massachusetts General Court on an act reforming pretrial process (H. 1584/S. 802). Her written testimony is reproduced below. Good afternoon Joint Committee on the Judiciary. My name is Jessica Morris and I am the Senior Fellow for Equal Justice at the Roosevelt

(Last updated Dec. 5, 2014) In the wake of the announcement that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson would not stand trial for the shooting death of Michael Brown, members of our Networks shared their views on what’s unfolding in Missouri and what it means for us as a nation. Marissa Charlemagne, Campus Network member and

Alternatives to bail won’t just reduce overcrowding in jails: they will create a more just justice system. There is a bill pending in the Massachusetts House Committee on Ways and Means to build a bail jail in Middlesex County. Led by Representative Kay Khan (D-Newton), H.1434 proposes for a new facility for women charged of

A subway ad provides a reminder of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s second bill of rights, which called for a living wage and access to leisure. I recently saw an advertisement for Grubhub on the New York City subway. For the unfamiliar, Grubhub is a food delivery website used to place orders online. Grubhub focuses its

Unless the Federal Communications Commission takes a stand, American consumers stand to lose their open access to the Internet, while providers will rake in even greater profits. Despite our faith in the American dream, mounting costs for high-speed Internet threaten the remnants of equal opportunity we rely on. A widening gap separates Americans who can

Services like Uber and Taskrabbit may offer convenience to their customers, but they don’t provide essential protections to their workers. It’s about time we talked about pay. The disparity between the top and bottom wage-earners combined with the inability for most minimum-wage workers to earn a livable income is one of the largest causes of