From a revived antitrust movement seeking to break up monopolistic private companies to a re-energized labor movement, many big and bold ideas for restructuring the American economy are becoming mainstream. As we endure once-in-a-lifetime challenges, we see a sign of something deeper amidst the chaos: the death of one worldview and the ascent of another.

We believe that a new shared understanding is forming among progressives, including many economists: about how our economy can work for more people, how our politics and society can solve problems, and how we can live our values. This new progressive worldview envisions a global economy unencumbered by corporate dominance and reinvigorated by newly empowered voices. New progressivism takes seriously the power of government to do good in many ways—to set guardrails and rules for the market; to directly provide goods and services; to set economic goals and catalyze change. It is essential, in the new worldview, that government be designed with public concerns in mind, and that it work for the public good.

Through our progressive thought program, we ensure that the new worldview is rooted in a wealth of empirical research, academic study, and policy analysis.