In the most recent installment of “Fireside Chats,” the Roosevelt Institute’s Bloggingheads series, Fellow Mike Konczal talks with MSNBC host Chris Hayes, discussing the distortion of meritocracy and the problems of self-perpetuating elitism. As Konczal explains, the culture of “anxiety about the person who’s one step up from you” creates an environment where everyone knows

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Joseph Stiglitz, and others express their belief in the value of government in this highlight reel from the launch conference of the Rediscovering Government Initiative:

In the latest Next American Economy breakfast series, Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Bo Cutter interviews Paul Krugman, Nobel-prize winning economist and New York Times op-ed columnist. Krugman discusses how and why the “two great centers of world economic activity, of democracy, and of everything else are both in deep trouble.” He says, “Europe made the

The Senate may have brought JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon in for a hearing on the firm’s $2 billion loss last week, but there was very little sizzle in his grilling. Instead of the kowtowing that took place, Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Rob Johnson told the Real News Network what questions he would have asked

On the latest episode of “Fireside Chats,” Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal brings in Sarah Leonard, editor at Dissent and The New Inquiry, to discuss the ways that student debt and unpaid internships have completely skewed the labor market. Mike used to think of internships as an equal opportunity mechanism, but then realized “you have

In the latest episode of “Fireside Chats,” Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal talks with David Frum, Daily Beast writer and author of the new novel Patriots. In the clip below, they take on why Democrats have had trouble gathering support for stimulus programs during the current recession. “We’ve gone from Speaker Pelosi and the new

Last week, CNN International’s Felicia Taylor invited Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal for a night of poker, pizza, and beer. But this wasn’t your typical card game — it was actually a lesson on what the Volcker Rule is and why we need to ban proprietary trading. In the video below, watch Mike and other

In this week’s installment of the Next American Economy breakfast series, Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Bo Cutter hosted Columbia economics professor Till von Wachter for a discussion of the serious damage unemployment can have on workers. Wachter points out that severe job losses during recessions harm not only short-term earnings but also lifetime career earnings,

In the latest episode of our weekly Bloggingheads series, “Fireside Chats”, Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Mark Schmitt and Jamelle Bouie, writing fellow at The American Prospect, discuss whether Mitt Romney is conservative enough to actually go through with the cuts to social welfare programs that Republicans have long demanded. In the clip below, Mark points

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Jeff Madrick joined host of Bloomberg Law Lee Pacchia and Chris Whalen of Tangent Capital Partner to discuss JP Morgan’s massive trading loss and how to prevent too big to fail banks from making mistakes that threaten the whole economy. Something’s got to give, because as it stands, taxpayers are “underwriting