In last week’s episode of “Fireside Chats” on Bloggingheads, Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Mark Schmitt chatted with Eric Liu, co-author of the new book The Gardens of Democracy. In the clip below, the two discuss the tired meme of the job creators and that “the economy should revolve around a tiny number of rich people,”

In the second installment of the Roosevelt Institute’s new weekly Bloggingheads series, “Fireside Chats,” Fellow Mike Konczal sits down with Jacobin‘s Peter Frase. In the clip below, they discuss how the Occupy movement fits in with the broader American left. Mike says that “as a liberal I view this as a whole good cop/bad cop thing,” allowing mainstream progressives to say “the system needs to deal with us conventional liberals lest our partners come in the room and go nuts.”

The Roosevelt Institute has kicked off its own weekly show on Bloggingheads, aptly named “Fireside Chats,” with a conversation between Senior Fellow Mark Schmitt and author William Voegeli. In the clip below, Mark makes the case for not just reforming taxes for the 1%, but asking the middle class to share the responsibility: President Obama’s

Pipeline Unveils Inaugural Class of Fellows

So you’ve heard of the Roosevelt Institute | Pipeline, and you’ve heard that it selects a group of young progressives doing exciting and important work to participate in the fellowship program each year. But who were this year’s picks? The wait is finally over. The identities of the inaugural class of Fellows were revealed to

You’ve seen our able Assistant Editor, Bryce Covert, taking on issues of consumer credit and debt every week in “The Swipe.” Now check out her new video, “Stacking the Deck: Credit Card Tricks and Traps,” as she explores the history of credit cards and explains how the combination of stagnant wages and crafty credit card

By now we’ve all heard politicians from both sides of the aisle proclaim that we must do something about the deficit in order to protect the nation’s children. But have any of them actually asked young people want they want for their future? The Roosevelt Institute Campus Network took matters into its own hands by

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