10 Ideas 2018: Report

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Roosevelters all across the country are rising to the challenges of today and building their own rulebook, so that government can be reflective of and responsive to the people it’s meant to serve. Our current political and social reality is profoundly different than ones that existed in previous iterations of this journal, but despite that, we’re channeling emerging leaders’ energy for resistance into policy change and long-term civic participation.

We believe this starts at the local level, working in coalitions alongside partner organizations and seeding student-led campaigns to push back on privatization and corporate power. From eliminating commission payments for the use of prison phones, to improving accessibility to mental health services in public education, to expanding community-shared ownership of solar energy production, this year’s journal embodies our commitment to regain public control over public goods. 10 Ideas 2018 centers equity, inclusion, and a mission to strengthen the public goods that provide critical services and resources for us all.

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