The Roosevelt Institute has always championed new paradigms and invested in the people pushing them forward. But our organization’s new strategic plan elevates our people work in a new and important way. As the entry point for the organization’s new pipeline development plans, Network 2.0 is a revamped model for supporting and training undergraduate college students and early career professionals—centering those who hold identities historically denied political power. 


Evolving the Network to Support Long-term Pipeline Development


We are transitioning from a chapter model to a fellowships model. We are committing to a structure that prioritizes providing deep support to our members; we believe this kind of holistic support is best facilitated through fellowships. 

We are reimagining alumni—current and future—as Network participants in a new way. By repositioning alumni as participants of the Network, rather than graduates of it, we are recognizing they are an essential part of our pipeline project. In the coming years, we are rolling out new ways to support our young professionals: career coaching, new mentorship programs, and training programs to support continued professional development.

We are investing in strengthening our intergenerational network of progressive thinkers and doers. We want Roosevelters to operate in deep community with one another, and to provide holistic personal and professional support to one another. Especially coming out of COVID-19 and the years of isolation, rebuilding and strengthening the bonds we share with one another is critical. 

The Right is experiencing the successes of its decades-long strategy to invest in their people and deploy them in service of conservatism. The Roosevelt Institute, starting with the Roosevelt Network, believes we can serve as a progressive alternative: that we can rewrite the rules, and we can change who writes them.