We have an opportunity to make a fundamental course-correction in America’s future. By demonstrating the need for a reinvigorated role for the government in our economy, democracy, and society, we can ensure that the government responds aggressively and comprehensively to climate change—the most threatening of today’s crises—saving the planet and also catalyzing progress on a range of other challenges. “Addressing climate change is a big enough idea to revive the economy,” declared Roosevelt Climate Director Rhiana Gunn-Wright in the New York Times.

As Gunn-Wright explains, our utmost goal is the preservation of the planet. If that’s done right, we can grow the economy and prove the case for a much more affirmative role for the government. Crucially, a stronger government that works for the many and not the few will allow the nation to tackle other seemingly intractable problems: racial inequality, student debt, housing affordability, wealth disparities, and more. Our nation’s over-reliance on markets and private actors brought us to this place of crisis, and we need a new way forward. Ultimately, only the government can provide public solutions to public problems.

From ensuring equitable representation in the 21st century to launching mass mobilization of American society, we believe that the government can and should catalyze and direct rapid economic change that benefits everyone—especially the most vulnerable.

Climate and Economic Transformation Staff

Lew Daly

Deputy Director, Climate Policy

Rhiana Gunn-Wright

Director, Climate Policy

Kristina Karlsson

Program Manager, Climate and Economic Transformation