The Alumni Board of Advisors (ABA) is a volunteer advisory board for the Roosevelt Network. It provides feedback and input to Network staff about programs and key strategic decisions. The ABA is a collection of individuals who bring unique perspectives to conversations and decision-making; together, the members should represent the diverse voices, experiences, and perspectives of Network alumni.

The ABA represents the interests and needs of Roosevelt Network alumni and offers non-binding strategic advice and input—particularly on matters relevant to alumni—that complements and expands on that of other key stakeholders, including Roosevelt Institute staff and Board of Directors, Network students, and the Network Student Board of Advisors.



ABA members have a demonstrated record of engagement in the Roosevelt Network as a student or alumni. Any Network alumni who serve as members of other Roosevelt Institute governing or advisory bodies (i.e., the Roosevelt Institute Board of Directors or FDRL Board of Trustees) will be offered at-large membership to the ABA. Terms are three consecutive years.

ABA members are selected annually through a process that includes nominations, interviews, and a confirmation vote from the Network alumni community.

Current Members

Jeanne Tilley, Chair
Amy Frieder
Adam Jutha
Raaga Kalva
Marlon McBride
Eric Mitzenmacher
Dominic Russel
Garrett Shor
Charsaree Slomka
Christiana Verdelus

Jas Johl, Member-at-Large
Tyler O’Connor, Member-at-Large