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In 2017, we have witnessed our political leadership attacking the institutions of our country that provide justice, equity, and opportunity for all. But our network is ready to take on our current political landscape with a clear and steady path for the future.

Enter 10 Ideas—the Roosevelt Institute’s oldest and most competitive journal, elevating the top student-generated policy proposals from across the country. We have policy ideas in seven issue areas: human rights, foreign policy, education, health care, economics, energy and environment, and democratic access. From charting Michigan’s path to effective education via charter school reform, to establishing regulated pay for disabled workers in Rhode Island, and fighting the role of big money in local politics, 2017’s 10 Ideas demonstrate the depth and breadth of student initiatives on many of the top policy debates in the nation.

Read these ideas and our latest student ideas below. Collectively, they represent the ideas of a new generation of leaders committed to the public good and democratic institutions designed to achieve justice, equity, and opportunity for all.

Now more than ever, we need inspiration and visionary ideas, take a read and let know us know what you think.

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