The Affordable Care Act on Trial

By Andrea Flynn |

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This policy note argues that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) should not be weakened by court ruling or overturned by legislative action and instead should be expanded and strengthened. In the coming days the Supreme Court will decide yet another case that will determine the fate of that law and the health coverage it has made available to more than 6 million individuals through federal subsidies. As the justices consider King v. Burwell, a case that could undermine the largest expansion of health coverage in 50 years and reverse some of its greatest successes, we must remember the fractured health system from which it was born and acknowledge the health and economic toll that broken system levied on too many individuals, particularly on women.

This paper demonstrates the intersections between health and economic security, describes how the pre-ACA health system routinely jeopardized the health and economic well- being of women and families, and illustrates how the health law has improved coverage and describes how the proposals put forward by conservatives who have vowed to eliminate the ACA by any means necessary would be a dangerous step backward for women, families, and the country as a whole.

Andrea Flynn is a Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, where she researches and writes about issues that impact women and families. Her writing has appeared in The Atlantic, The New Republic, Cosmopolitan, Salon, The Hill, and Women’s eNews. You can follow Andrea on Twitter @dreaflynn.