Boiling Points: The Inextricable Links Between Inequality and Climate Change

By Susan R. Holmberg |


The United States is currently facing two ominous threats: climate change and economic and social inequality. The climate movement has made enormous headway in highlighting the connections between the two, but we must go even deeper if we hope to make progress on both fronts.

The objective of this report is to comprehensively map the various linkages between climate change and inequality while identifying key gaps in our research knowledge and our policy debates. By doing so, we aim to better integrate these two siloed issues and support efforts to mobilize a broad, multi-interest coalition that fights for a clean environment and an economy that works for all.

Susan Holmberg is a Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, where she researchers and writes on inequality and corporate governance issues. In addition to her numerous papers, her writing has appeared in Democracy, The Atlantic, Quartz and Quartz at Work, The Hill, and Salon.