Increasing Access to Solar in Virginia

By Eric Wolfert |


In this Report, Emerging Fellow for Energy & Environment Eric Wolfert argues that Solar energy has the potential to solve many of the most pressing issues facing society today, mostnotably climate change and public health. However, purchasing solar panels is prohibitivelyexpensive to all but the affluent, and many are not aware of cheaper options such as leasing panels.In response to this problem, I propose that the state of Virginia should enact a refundable incometax credit, modeled after the successful earned-income tax credit, to consumers who purchase orlease solar panels. This would be paid for by a moderate increase in the state’s tobacco tax, furtherimproving public health outcomes

An Environmental, economic and Health Imperative: Increasing Access to Solar in Virginia by Roosevelt Campus Network

Eric Wolfert is a senior at George Washington University and Roosevelt's Emerging Fellow for Energy & Environment.