STATEMENT: Roosevelt Institute Fellow Responds to Bill Introduced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren to Curb Government Corruption

By Kendra Bozarth |

August 21, 2018

Kendra Bozarth,


STATEMENT: Roosevelt Institute Fellow Responds to Bill Introduced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren to Curb Government Corruption


New York, NY – Today, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) introduced legislation that would make sweeping changes to our country’s ethics and conflict-of-interest laws. The Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act would limit the influence lobbyists have in policymaking, deter government officials from enriching themselves through their public positions, end the revolving door between industries and the agencies that regulate them, and make the policymaking process more transparent.

Julie Margetta Morgan, Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and Director of the Great Democracy Initiative, issued the following statement:

“Policymakers cannot represent the needs of all Americans when they prioritize their own financial interests—or those of big-money lobbyists. Influence-peddling and self-enrichment are systemic in Washington, and these behaviors rig the rules in favor of the wealthy and well-connected, driving inequality.

We need robust laws that keep money and self-interest out of policymaking, and we need a single agency that is accountable for enforcing them. The Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act is a bold proposal to give us both.”

Margetta Morgan co-authored Unstacking the Deck: A New Agenda to Tame Corruption in Washington, which examines corruption in the post-Watergate era and the role of money in government today. The report calls for modernized ethics rules, an end to the revolving door, and the creation of a federal enforcement agency to fight corruption.


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