Daily Digest – January 8: A Limited Internet? That’s No Internet at All.

January 8, 2015

Roosevelt First is our weekday morning email featuring the Daily Digest.

Zero for Conduct (Medium)

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Susan Crawford says “zero rating,” a practice of allowing mobile users to access a limited network of apps without data charges, is monopolistic and anti-innovation.

Food Stamp Benefit Cut May Force a Million People Into ‘Serious Hardship’ (AJAM)

As some states end their waiver allowing unemployed childless adults access to food stamps, Ned Resnikoff reports that food banks and other charities don’t feel able to fill the gap.

America is Optimistic About Jobs in 2015 Despite Stubbornly Low Wages (The Guardian)

Jana Kasperkevic looks at the wide range of data available about the economy and especially the labor market to explain why Americans should perhaps be more cautious in their optimism.

Why the Republican Congress’s First Act Was to Declare War on Math (NY Mag)

Jonathan Chait accuses the GOP of destroying the Congressional Budget Office’s greatest power – its ideological neutrality – for the sake of passing tax cuts that won’t fix the economy.

Soaring Bond Prices May Sound an Economic Warning (NYT)

Peter Eavis cautions that incredibly low yield rates on U.S. Treasury notes could indicate a coming economic stall or downturn, according to historic patterns.

Workers’ Wages Have Barely Grown in Decades. Here’s What Obama’s Doing About It. (TNR)

Danny Vinik speaks to Lawrence Mishel and Ross Eisenbrey of the Economic Policy Institute, who suggest the “Obama wage initiative” package of executive actions are making a difference.