Daily Digest – January 20: Black and White Americans Are Still a World Apart

January 20, 2015

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This Is the Key to Recovering Black Wealth in America (The Nation)

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal and Bryce Covert note that housing segregation continues to limit Black economic mobility and contribute to a racist criminal justice system.

Obama’s Tax Proposal Is Really About Shaping the Democratic Party After Obama (NYT)

The President’s call to raise capital gains taxes while cutting taxes for workers won’t get far in a Republican Congress, writes Neil Irwin, but it gives Democrats an organizing vision.

America Just Got Its First Glimpse at Hillarynomics — Here’s What It Looks Like (Vox)

A new report produced by key Clinton insiders emphasizes middle-class growth, writes Matt Yglesias, but sets aside thornier issues like Too Big To Fail or a public option for health care.

The New Compassionate Conservatism and Trickle-Down Economics (Robert Reich)

The 2016 Republican frontrunners may talk a big game about addressing inequality, says Robert Reich, but unless they renounce Reagonomics, their policies will only make it worse.

Democrats Urge Obama to ‘Be Bold’ on Overtime Pay Expansion (HuffPost)

Lawmakers want the Labor Department to make salaried workers earning less than $69,000 a year eligible for overtime pay, writes Dave Jamieson. The administration is considering a $42,000 threshold.

Community Benefits Agreements Under Attack (Al Jazeera)

An ALEC-backed bill in Michigan would ban government contracts that require businesses to meet community improvement goals in exchange for tax breaks and subsidies, reports Amy B. Dean.