Daily Digest – February 17: The Shame of Denying Corporate Responsibility

February 17, 2015

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Obama Shames Companies Who Don’t Want to Provide Health Insurance (Melissa Harris-Perry)

As guest host on Melissa Harris-Perry, Roosevelt Institute Fellow Dorian Warren examines the president’s comments about a Staples policy that prevents workers from obtaining insurance.

The State Where Even Republicans Have a Problem With Busting Unions (The Nation)

John Nichols says that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is having trouble maintaining support for his plans to weaken public sector unions, with his Republican Comptroller refusing to cooperate.

The Rich Own Our Democracy, New Evidence Suggests (AJAM)

New studies show that Congress votes closest to the desires of its donors, writes Sean McElwee, and donors’ ideological extremism has probably produced our dramatic polarization.

States Consider Increasing Taxes for the Poor and Cutting Them for the Affluent (NYT)

Shaila Dewan explains that shifting from income taxes to consumption-based taxes in the states increases the burden on the poor, and has led to huge budget shortfalls in Kansas and North Carolina.

The Tall Task of Unifying Part-Time Professors (The Atlantic)

Kate Jenkin looks at the challenges of organizing a group of workers who are part-time and shift from campus to campus each semester in light of the upcoming National Adjunct Walkout Day.

The War on the War on Poverty (TNR)

Michael A. Cooper Jr. looks at Republicans’ efforts to shut down the Center on Poverty, Work, and Opportunity at UNC Law. These same politicians try to argue that poverty isn’t a problem.