Felicia Wong: To Build a Better Economy, We Must Close the Racial Wealth Gap

September 15, 2015

Our ongoing series about the good economy continues with a video featuring Roosevelt President and CEO Felicia Wong. When asked about what she would do to ensure a good economy in 25 years, she says her top priority is closing the racial wealth gap. After examining wealth over generations, she finds that wealth, more than income, is the most important factor that determines whether people can make it to the middle class and succeed.

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Felicia Wong is the President and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute, which seeks to re-imagine the social and economic policies of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt for the 21st century. Felicia came to the Institute from the Democracy Alliance, where she led the development and assessment of the organization’s strategic investment portfolio. She holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of California, Berkeley. Her doctoral dissertation on the role of race and framing in K-12 public education politics received the 2000 American Political Science Association award in Race, Ethnicity, and Politics.