Roosevelt Institute: Rohit Chopra an “Excellent Choice” for FTC Commissioner

Federal Trade Commission Plays Key Role to Protect Consumers from Bad Actors

NEW YORK, NY – Following Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer’s announcement of Roosevelt Institute Visiting Fellow Rohit Chopra to fill a Democratic seat on the Federal Trade Commission, Felicia Wong, President and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute, issued the following statement:

“Rohit is an excellent choice for the open seat on the Federal Trade Commission and would do a tremendous job advocating for American consumers from this key position. Senator Schumer’s wise pick will pay dividends for consumers and our economy for years to come.

“During his years of public service at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Department of Education, Rohit has shown undaunted integrity and tenacity. The American people can trust that on the FTC, he would continue standing up for consumers and holding unscrupulous corporations accountable.

“In these turbulent times, it is essential that the federal government be staffed by individuals of unimpeachable character with a record of striving for the public good, rather than doing the bidding of special interests. Rohit meets these standards and would doubtless do his part to build an economy that empowers more Americans to prosper. In addition, he is a great colleague who works to strengthen the organizations for which he works.”

Chopra is considered a leading expert on consumer protection issues facing young people in the United States and has a strong record of taking on bad actors in the student loan industry. Earlier this year, he joined the Roosevelt Institute as a Visiting Fellow. He continues to serve as a Senior Fellow at the Consumer Federation of America.

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