Roosevelt Network 2017-18 Year in Review

June 27, 2018

Operating in an era defined by dysfunction and chaos, the consolidation of power among the wealthiest among us, increased privatization of key public goods, the rollback of social safety net policies, and the criminalization of the most vulnerable among us– Roosevelters have continued to relentlessly pursue our mission to change who writes the rules for our communities, working to transform government to be reflective of, and responsive to, who it is truly meant to serve.

Over the past year, our members have worked in alongside partner organizations in their communities to defend key public goods – from fighting privatization and outsourcing in the University of Tennessee system, to defending the MAP grants in Illinois, building democratic solutions to food insecurity in Binghamton, and combating the digital divide in rural North Carolina – Roosevelters push for a more equitable future where rules are written by many for the good of all.

Check out just a few of our 2017-18 wins below!

Financialization of Higher Education