Roosevelt Institute Announces Katie Kirchner as New Network Director

Kirchner to Lead Progressive Network of Over 10,000 Students

NEW YORK, NY — This week, the Roosevelt Institute announced Katie Kirchner as the new director of the Roosevelt Network, which includes student organizations on over 130 college campuses in 40 states. As Deputy Director of the Network, Kirchner has helped develop and elevate the voices of a national cohort of progressive students, guiding their policy research and advocacy across the country.

Kirchner has also worked to expand the Network’s diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy with a focus on network growth and policy work. Previously at the Roosevelt Institute, Kirchner served as Program Manager for chapter growth and membership development where she managed the Student Leadership Team, 10 Ideas, and other key initiatives.

“Katie is a forward-thinking leader committed to elevating underrepresented student voices and fighting for a government that serves all communities, not just the very few,” said Jeff Krehely, Executive Vice President of the Roosevelt Institute. “At a time when organizing students and young people is more crucial than ever, we’re thrilled that Katie will continue her work to implement a bold vision for the Network program and ensure that we have a strong, inclusive pipeline for progressive activism.”

Prior to joining the Roosevelt Institute, Kirchner worked at Kid Power, Inc., where her various roles included leading after-school and summer programming focused on civics education and nutrition and sustainability. She also served as the chapter head at Roosevelt @ American, and was a member of multiple campus organizing efforts including Education not Debt and Fossil Free AU. Kirchner has a BA in public communications and urban education studies from American University.

About the Roosevelt Institute

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