New Rules for Big Tech: A Conversation for Change

December 13, 2018

During a time when Facebook is being used as a tool of genocide and ethnic cleansing, Amazon is striking deals with Apple to put iPhone refurbishers out of business, and Google is manipulating search results to promote its own products, it is still difficult to find a group of experts willing to admit that Big Tech has a problem—much less to define and explore what that problem is.

But this past November, the Roosevelt Institute and the George Washington Institute of Public Policy gathered a group of experts in Washington, D.C., to do just that. The panel series, titled “Crafting Effective Rules for Internet Platforms,” sought not to grapple over whether a problem exists, but to discuss real solutions to unchecked market power in the tech space. Facebook, Amazon, and Google each pose their own threats to competition and require their own antitrust and regulatory remedies.

Read an in-depth summary of the three-panel discussion here.

Read the full transcripts for parts one, two, and three.