Roosevelt Must-Reads: Racism Eats Wealth for Breakfast

April 26, 2019

Each Saturday, a Roosevelt staff member will share 3-5 articles that they consider must-reads.

This week, Roosevelt Fellow Rakeen Mabud is reading a WaPo story on how women are transforming organized labor and a New York Times op-ed that shows how “racism eats wealth for breakfast.” Rakeen also shares the latest from The Nation’s Bryce Covert, who elevates workers fighting back against hedge-fund ownership: “Private-equity firms in particular tend to turn to layoffs quickly after taking over a company. ‘Squeezing labor is the fastest way to increase cash flow to be able to make payments on the debt,’ Appelbaum explained.” New legislation could “cause companies to think twice about whether laying off workers is their go-to solution for every problem that they face.”