Roosevelt Must-Reads: Take On Wall Street’s Staying Power

May 3, 2019

Each Saturday, a Roosevelt staff member will share 3-5 articles that they consider must-reads.

This week, Roosevelt Fellow Katy Milani is reading Emily Stewart’s piece in Vox on the influence that Occupy Wall Street played in shaping progressives’ economic policy ideas, including free college, the $15 minimum wage, and efforts to combat climate change: “[T]oday, Occupy Wall Street no longer looks like such a failure. In the long run, Occupy invigorated ideas and people that influence today’s American left and Democratic politics.” She’s also reading Alicia Garza in Marie Claire showing how Black women are the fastest growing, and largely overlooked, incarcerated population—and how they are leading the movement to change mass incarceration. Katy also shares the latest in Courtney E. Martin’s New York Times three-part series, which examines the fees that formerly incarcerated people are required to pay and how San Francisco plans to end this.