Roosevelt Must-Reads: Good and Mad

May 10, 2019

Each Saturday, a Roosevelt staff member will share 3-5 articles that they consider must-reads. This week, Roosevelt Communications Director Kendra Bozarth is sharing an antitrust reading list and elevates the hidden rules of drug addiction.

I recently finished Good and Mad by Rebecca Traister, which is fitting because I am definitely a woman signaling fury this week. Read the NYT essay from Chris Hughes on dismantling Facebook, but then you should also check out his antitrust reading list. If you want to get angry, this from NPR on racism and the opioid crisis should do the trick: They find that as Black deaths due to opioid overdose rise, “[w]hite drug users addicted to heroin, fentanyl, and other opioids have had near exclusive access to buprenorphine, a drug that curbs the craving for opioids and reduces the chance of a fatal overdose.” Also, the Marshall Project finds that the number of immigrants choosing “voluntary departure” is surging. “They’re tired of living in [detention facilities], of dealing with ICE, dealing with guards, dealing with the injustice … They give up. They’d rather be deported than fight for their case,” said Alejandra Garcia Zamarrón. “We’re not criminals, we just don’t have options.”

Let’s keep up the good (and mad) fight, folks.