Episode One of Made to Fail Shows How Two Decades of Partisan Court Rulings Paved the Way for Wisconsin’s Botched Primary Election

Podcast Investigates How Conservatives Have Deliberately Undermined Key Institutions

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, the Hub Project, the Roosevelt Institute, and Goat Rodeo are proud to launch Made to Fail, a new podcast that explores the decades-long effort by conservative politicians and policymakers to undermine the institutions that are failing us now during the coronavirus pandemic, when we need them most.

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From health care to unemployment insurance to our elections themselves, the coronavirus pandemic has shed light on the shortcomings of nearly every facet of American public policy — Made to Fail tells the story of how we got here. Hosted by CNN legal analyst and former Obama administration official Elliot Williams, the eight-episode podcast explores how conservative ideologues worked to deliberately weaken our institutions, setting them up for failure as we face a pandemic and subsequent economic collapse.

Episode 1, “Badgered in Wisconsin,” traces two decades of partisan court rulings that have enabled a wide variety of voter suppression, culminating in the botched 2020 primary election in Wisconsin. Despite the increasing risks of the coronavirus pandemic, the Republican legislature refused to postpone the primary or make allowances for mail-in voting, instead forcing Wisconites to choose between casting their vote and their health.

Over the next eight weeks, Made to Fail will travel to states at the forefront of the current health and economic crisis, pulling back the curtain on the policies and the politicians that have made matters so much worse.

Conservatives have spent years in the shadows chipping away at the cornerstones of public policy. But now, coronavirus has shed an unforgiving spotlight on their scheme. Don’t forget to subscribe on SpotifyApple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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