The Roosevelt Institute’s COVID-19 Response

January 4, 2021

In striking ways, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has exposed the fragility of the US economy and the immense power disparities and systemic disadvantages built into our social contract. Tens of millions of people across entire sectors of our economy are out of work—and many were living paycheck to paycheck before this crisis hit. Right now, the Roosevelt Institute’s work has two essential components: First, what the immediate response to COVID-19 should look like and second, how to build a long-term recovery and create structural change as the economic and health crises stabilize. Below, we’ve listed our latest work.


12/16/2020: The Case for Progressive Stimulus: How Spending Now Can Drive Long-Term and Equitable Prosperity by Suzanne Kahn

10/29/2020: A Green Recovery: The Case for Climate-Forward Stimulus Policies in America’s COVID-19 Recession Response by Rhiana Gunn-Wright, Kristina Karlsson, Kitty Richards, Bracken Hendricks, and David Arkush

10/28/2020: The Economy of Tomorrow: Recovering and Restructuring after COVID-19 by Joseph Stiglitz

8/7/2020: A True New Deal: Building an Inclusive Economy in the COVID-19 Era

6/4/2020: Understanding the COVID-19 Workplace: Evidence From a Survey of Essential Workers by Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Suresh Naidu, Adam Reich, and Patrick Youngblood

4/30/2020: Four Priorities for Pandemic Relief Efforts by Joseph Stiglitz

4/30/2020: American Workers’ Experiences with Power, Information, and Rights on the Job: A Roadmap for Reform by Alexander Hertel-Hernandez

4/29/2020: New polling finds Americans Seek Further Economic Relief Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic from the Roosevelt Institute and Groundwork Collaborative

4/24/2020: How and Why to Empower Workers in the COVID-19 Response by Sharon Block, Suzanne Kahn, Brishen Rogers, and Benjamin Sachs

4/22/2020: FedAccounts Would Provide Economic Relief—and Inclusion—in the Short and Long Term by Michelle Sternthal

4/16/2020: Rethinking Financial Inclusion: Designing an Equitable Financial System with Public Policy by Mehrsa Baradaran

3/26/2020: The Public Role in Economic Transformation: Lessons from World War II by Andrew Bossie and J.W. Mason

3/23/2020: McConnell’s Response to the Coronavirus Recession Fails Key Tests by Mike Konczal

3/18/2020: A Forward-Thinking Policy Response to the Coronavirus Recession by Mike Konczal


Blog Posts

4/8/2021: The Illusion of Inflation: Why This Spring’s Numbers Will Look Artificially High by Mike Konczal, J.W. Mason, and Lauren Melodia

1/28/2021: Don’t Just Market Your Workers. Pay Them. by Victoria Streker

8/6/2020: For a Full Economic Recovery, Debt Is No Object by Mike Konczal

7/31/2020: Three Ways Congress Could Empower Workers Now by Suzanne Kahn, Matt Hughes

7/7/2020: Black Americans Can’t Breathe: How Environmental Racism Has Intersected with COVID-19 by Kristina Karlsson

6/25/2020: COVID-19 Proves That We Need Universal Health Care. States Are Exploring Their Options. by Matt Hughes

5/29/2020: The Government’s Misplaced Trust in Big Business by Bharat Ramamurti

5/15/2020: Three Reasons to Worry about the House Democrats’ New Student Debt Proposal by Suzanne Kahn, Julie Margetta Morgan

5/15/2020: Three Takeaways of the COVID-19 Unemployment Crisis by Matt Hughes

5/14/2020: A Progressive Analysis of the HEROES Act: Three Key Questions by Felicia Wong

5/8/2020: Why We Need a New Reconstruction Finance Corporation by Todd Tucker

4/30/2020: To Address Black Unemployment, We Need a Better Normal by Kendra Bozarth, Michelle Holder

4/16/2020: Make Banking More Inclusive by Saving the Post Office by Ariela Weinberg

4/13/2020: Young People Need to Be Included in the Next Economic Relief Package by Katie Kirchner

4/10/2020: Little-Known Government Agency Can Tackle Big Challenges by Todd Tucker, Rajesh Nayak

4/3/2020: We Need to Protect Abortion Access Now More Than Ever by Andrea Flynn and Katie Kirchner

4/2/2020: The Next Coronavirus Relief Package Should Do More. Americans Agree. by Felicia Wong

4/1/2020: Seeds of Progressive Change: Rethinking Our Market-Based Medicines System by Steph Sterling and Katy Milani

4/1/2020: The Lost Opportunity in Buyback Spending by Lenore Palladino

3/24/2020: The Economy and the Coronavirus: Making Sense of the Moment

3/31/2020: A Generational Crisis: Restructuring America’s Social Insurance System to Better Protect Young People by Suzanne Kahn

3/19/2020: Business Resiliency Requires Banning Stock Buybacks by Lenore Palladino

3/19/2020: Deficit and Debt Shouldn’t Factor Into Coronavirus Recession Response by Heather Boushey, Bob Greenstein, Neera Tanden, and Felicia Wong

3/19/2020: How Much Stimulus Do We Need? by J.W. Mason