The Bidenomics Brief: Analyzing the debates, outcomes, and power shifts driving a new economics

December 20, 2023

Welcome to the Bidenomics Brief, a new Roosevelt Institute newsletter where we’ll be analyzing the big debates and developments that are shaping a new economics.

The Biden administration has recently embraced the term “Bidenomics” to describe an economic vision that turns the page on generations of trickle-down economics, aiming instead to rebalance power in the economy and use the tools of government to shape and structure markets toward collective, public needs.

This new approach to the economy is already starting to succeed at many of its goals. But, public polling has shown that Bidenomics has yet to break through with most people, and important decisions that will determine the shape of the economy for decades have yet to be made. So, the fight over Bidenomics—what it really means, whether it’s working, why it matters—has only just begun.

In the Bidenomics Brief, we’ll explain these new rules for the economy as they are built from the ground up. We hope you’ll join us.