Roosevelt Institute Receives Grant from Pivotal

New funding from Pivotal as a part of Melinda French Gates’ commitment to women’s power in the US and around the world.

May 28, 2024
Meredith MacKenzie de Silva
(202) 412-4270

NEW YORK, NY—The Roosevelt Institute’s work to advance ideas that rebalance power in our economy and democracy is receiving significant funding support from Pivotal, a philanthropic organization founded by Melinda French Gates. With the rollback of women’s rights and headwinds to social progress in the US and around the world, French Gates believes that now is the time to provide urgent capital to people and organizations fighting to protect and further equality and remove the barriers that hold women back. The Roosevelt Institute is at the forefront of tearing down those barriers through our advocacy for equitable policies and governance, shifting power to consumers, workers, and families.

“At the heart of our work is a critical examination of who the status quo serves so we can imagine a future where the economy serves the many,” said Felicia Wong, president and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute. “This grant from Pivotal supports our work to rewrite the rules for a political economy that works for people who have been excluded—women, immigrants, and people of color. This generous support will amplify our work to build power, allow us to reach new audiences, and expand our capacity to focus on policies and people—all of which will help create the democracy we deserve.”



The Roosevelt Institute advances ideas that rebalance power in our economy and democracy and invests in leaders and experts to create a more equitable, high-care, and low-carbon future.