Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes is the Roosevelt Institute’s editorial manager. He was previously a junior research fellow focused on pharmaceutical economics and regulatory capture.

Prior to joining Roosevelt, Matt worked in the Office of Joseph E. Stiglitz at Columbia University and at a public finance law firm specializing in affordable housing. He has also served in the Office of US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and the New York City Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs.

Matt earned his BA in economics and politics from New York University. He holds an MPA in urban policy; technology, media, and communications; and management from Columbia University.

Against the backdrop of a $1.6 trillion student debt crisis and declining college enrollment, free college has emerged as a political lightning rod in today’s higher education debate. Questions about who should and will benefit⁠—and what “free” even means⁠—have created a free-for-whom free-for-all, with proposals varying both by student and institutional access. To evaluate these