Beverly I. Moran headshot

Beverly I. Moran

Senior Fellow

As a senior fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, Beverly I. Moran focuses her research on US federal tax policies and how they support or thwart the American dream.

Beverly is professor emerita at Vanderbilt University, where she arrived after her tenure as the Voss Bascom Professor of Law at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

A leading authority on US tax law, Beverly has testified before the House Ways and Means Committee on the proliferation of US tax havens and the Black Congressional Caucus on the race impacts of the Internal Revenue Code. Her work is extensively cited in the recent Treasury report on the race aspects of US tax laws. Beverly has published seminal articles over her long academic career, including “Capitalism and the Tax System: A Search for Social Justice,” “A Black Critique of the Internal Revenue Code,” “Revisiting the Work We Know So Little About: Race, Wealth, Privilege, and Social Justice,” and “Race and Wealth Disparity: The Role of Law And The Legal System.”

Beverly is currently conducting research on the impact of Social Security and other retirement plans, as well as other interdisciplinary topics related to US tax law.

Her work has often touched on international issues. At Vanderbilt, she directed the Center on the Americas, an interdisciplinary research center. At the University of Wisconsin, she founded and administered the University of Wisconsin Center on Law and Africa.

Beverly holds a master of law degree (LLM) in taxation from New York University School of Law, a JD from the University of Pennsylvania, Carey School of Law, and an AB from Vassar College.