Jas Johl

Board Member

Jas Johl is an Indian-American writer and researcher. She is currently a visiting policy fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, where her work focuses on global issues surrounding digital identity.

Johl is a graduate of UC Berkeley, where she studied rhetoric & political theory, and Oxford University, where she studied comparative social policy. She has served as a senior advisor in the California government, focusing on the policies of reproductive health, childcare, economic equity, and domestic violence.

She has held senior roles in technology—working on information security projects at leading US companies—and directed the launch of a crowdfunding platform for the world’s #1 public university—UC Berkeley.

Johl was born to immigrant parents from Punjab, India, and grew up in a family of seven on a $35,000/year income. She is passionate about advancing the rights of low-income students and survivors of domestic violence, and empowering women around the world.