Lauren Karagianis

Senior Associate and Head of Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library Membership


As the Senior Associate and Head of FDR Library Membership, Lauren runs the FDR Library membership program and is focused on raising funds for the FDR Library through multiple channels.

As the Senior Associate and Head of FDR Library Membership at the Roosevelt Institute, Lauren Karagianis runs the FDR Library membership program, planning exclusive events and sourcing behind-the-scenes content. She is also responsible for FDR Library grants, annual funds, financial procedures, administrative functions, and donor database management. Karagianis works closely in collaboration with the FDR Library and Roosevelt Institute staff to ensure all are working toward a collective goal while keeping fundraising efforts top of mind. 

Prior to joining Roosevelt, Karagianis was with the Staatsburgh State Historic Site, organizing and promoting one of their annual cornerstone events, securing donations and volunteers. Karagianis graduated magna cum laude with a BA in communication and a concentration in communication studies from Marist College, where she earned the School of Communication and the Arts 2016 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Communication Studies.