Headshot of Suzanne Kahn

Suzanne Kahn

Vice President, Think Tank


Suzanne Kahn is the vice president of the think tank at Roosevelt where she oversees and helps manage the research projects in all think tank program areas.

As vice president of the think tank, Suzanne works with the think tank’s issue area directors to develop critical research and policy to rebalance power in our society and economy.

Previously, Suzanne was Roosevelt’s director of education, jobs, and worker power and the Great Democracy Initiative. Her research and writing focused on building a network of robust public goods—such as public higher education—and labor organizations that together can empower workers to counter corporate power in the labor market and public sphere.

Prior to joining Roosevelt, Suzanne most recently worked as a research analyst at SEIU 32BJ, where she built a program to organize workers in new residential developments. Suzanne holds a PhD in American history from Columbia University and earned her BA from Yale University. Her book, Divorce, American Style, won the American Society for Legal History’s Cromwell Dissertation Prize. As an undergraduate, in 2005, Suzanne was a founder of the Roosevelt Network.