About the Roosevelt Institute

The Roosevelt Institute takes on today’s greatest challenges by advancing bold, cutting-edge research and policy ideas. We believe that the future of the American economy and our democracy depends on a new way of thinking about markets and government. Our economy will only work for everyone when our government sets new rules rooted in shared values of equity, inclusion, and sustainability. These new rules must reject the outdated paradigms that underlie our economy—for example, the belief that there is such a thing as a free market, the acceptance of Black and brown lives as expendable, the notion that education and hard work can overcome entrenched inequality, and a disregard for the limited availability of natural resources. In place of these neoliberal paradigms, the government must take responsibility for creating broadly shared, long-term prosperity while acknowledging and repairing the damage done by the failed paradigms of the past.

Fellowship Program

The Roosevelt Institutes’ fellowship program brings early- and mid-career professionals into the life of the Institute for two-year, part-time fellowships. These fellowships are intended to bring new, diverse voices and expertise into the progressive policy community. Fellows are a critical part of Roosevelt’s intellectual community and play an essential role in Roosevelt’s work, developing and advocating for new ways of thinking about our economy and governance structures. Fellows receive training and support from Roosevelt’s communications and advocacy teams to help increase their public profile. Working in one of Roosevelt’s five program areas–Corporate Power; Worker Power and Economic Security; Macroeconomic Analysis; Climate and Economic Transformations; and Race and Democracy–each fellow will publish 1-2 reports and issue briefs each year with Roosevelt as well as blog posts and op-eds.

Past Roosevelt fellows have gone on to work in presidential administrations, at other progressive think tanks, and to hold university positions.

If you are interested in a future fellowship, please submit a letter of interest to jobs@rooseveltinstitute.org.

All fellows will receive a small monthly stipend as well as payment for works published with Roosevelt.

Fellows are expected to:

  • Join a monthly meeting.
  • Participate in advocacy and media trainings.
  • Write 1-2 reports or issue briefs and 6 shorter blog posts or op-eds each year.
  • Be available for regular engagements with policymakers and reporters as well as thought partnership with Roosevelt staff.

If you have additional questions, please send an email to jobs@rooseveltinstitute.org.