All Economic Policy Is Climate Policy



Date & Time

June 28, 2022 12:00 PM

The racist economic policies of the past century set the stage for today’s climate emergency. The economic policies we set right now will determine how we deal with the crisis—and if we can do so in an equitable way that supports everyone, especially those who are already facing the worst consequences of climate change.

On June 28, 2022, the Roosevelt Institute held a discussion about how we must use economic policies to fight climate change, addressing questions such as:

  • How did we get here? (Hint: too much corporate power and racism.)
  • What new economic policies are in place that can reduce the impacts of climate change in an equitable way?
  • What else must we do—and by when—to use economic policy to fight climate change?

In conversation:

  • Amy Westervelt, Investigative environmental journalist and host of the podcasts Hot Take and Drilled
  • Rhiana Gunn-Wright, Director of Climate Policy at the Roosevelt Institute
  • Kate Aronoff, Climate reporter at the New Republic and author of Overheated


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