Fair Share: How a Wealth Tax and Progressive Taxation Can Create Equity



Date & Time

April 20, 2021 2:00 PM

Runaway income and wealth inequality have amplified racial and gender wealth gaps, produced distorted and unfair economic outcomes, and constrained our societal potential.

A just, effective, and popular antidote: progressive taxation.
Over three years after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and with Congress now considering corporate tax increases, what does the current policy and political landscape look like? How should we design a wealth tax, and how would it interact with the existing US tax code? And how can we prevent tax avoidance among the nation’s wealthiest people?

Join us for a conversation about the economic and social benefits of progressive taxation and the path forward.

Opening remarks by:

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren


  • Lindsay Owens, Roosevelt Institute Fellow, Interim Executive Director at the Groundwork Collaborative


  • Amanda Fischer, Policy Director at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth
  • Darrick Hamilton, Roosevelt Institute Fellow, University Professor and Founding Director of Institute for the Study of Race, Stratification and Political Economy at The New School
  • Kitty Richards, Roosevelt Institute Fellow, Strategic Advisor at the Groundwork Collaborative