Moving Beyond Neoliberalism

Date & Time

January 15, 2020 8:30 AM

For decades, we have lived within neoliberalism—a way of thinking about politics and policymaking that has fueled economic insecurity, exacerbated racial inequality, entrenched corporate concentration, and failed to deliver promised growth. Activist movements across the globe, along with academics and policymakers, are now challenging what had been the neoliberal consensus. Increasingly, economists, political experts, and even politicians insist that there is “an alternative” to neoliberalism. But what is that alternative? What will make it real, and what are the stakes in this debate?

With the release of two papers focused on the empirical failures of neoliberalism and emerging alternatives, Roosevelt will be leading a panel discussion featuring Felicia Wong, Mike Konczal, Jamelle Bouie, Quinn Slobodian, Joelle Gamble.