Toward Sustainable, Equitable Trade Policy—Not False Solutions

September 9, 2019

The rules of trade and of the global economy are failing too many. Due to false assumptions about the role of markets and the role of government in our economy, policymakers have narrowed their idea of international trade over the last 40 years, harming workers and hindering economic potential. By expanding our understanding of markets and of government, strategic trade policy can move us toward a globalized, pro-worker, pro-growth future.

In “Toward Sustainable, Equitable Trade Policy—Not False Solutions,” Nell Abernathy and Todd N. Tucker explore a progressive one-two punch for trade that can restructure international and domestic policy to 1) curb the extractive power of corporations and increase the power of workers and consumers, 2) as well as reclaim the public power of government to serve the public good. Just as trade deals now encompass more than trade alone, a new global governance agenda must take a comprehensive approach toward meeting the needs of working people.