“Women and Girls Rising: Progress and Resistance Around The World” Edited By Ellen Chesler and Terry McGovern

July 31, 2015

“It is essential that we create a new normal―in our homes, in our nations, and in this United States―and that is what the dedicated and talented women and men whose voices are represented in this book are doing every day. The book is a treasure because it tells their stories.”

– Gloria Steinem, author, lecturer, editor, and feminist activist

A growing body of evidence demonstrates that improvements in the status of women and girls–however worthy and important in their own right–also drive the prosperity, stability, and security of families, communities, and nations. Yet despite many indicators of progress, women and girls everywhere–including countries of the developed world–continue to confront barriers to their full and equal participation in social, economic, and political life.

Capturing voices and experiences from around the world, this work documents the modern history of the global women’s movement–its many accomplishments and setbacks. Drawing together prominent pioneers and contemporary policymakers, activists, and scholars, the volume interrogates where and why progress has met resistance and been slowed, and examine the still unfinished agenda for change in national and international policy arenas. This history and roadmap are especially critical for younger generations who need a better understanding of this rich feminist legacy and the intense opposition that women’s movements have generated.

Edited By Ellen Chesler and Terry McGovern, this book creates a clear and forceful narrative about women’s agency and the central relevance of women’s rights movements to global and national policy-making. It is essential reading for activists and policymakers, students and scholars alike.

Secretary Hillary Clinton provides an afterword.

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