The Roosevelt Network community—made up of current students, young professionals, and alumni—is a nearly-20-year-old, intergenerational network of millennials and Gen-Z, united by a progressive, pro-democracy, post-neoliberal worldview and stewardship of the legacy of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. The programs and events listed below give an overview of the ways in which our community comes together to celebrate the diversity of our members, gain meaningful access to premier progressive leaders and thinkers, and build life-long personal and professional relationships.

Our programs and events are for current student fellows, members of a sunsetting Roosevelt @ campus chapter, and anyone who has graduated from our programs or chapters in the past.


Programs and Events


Fireside Chat Series

The Network is bringing FDR’s Fireside Chats into the 21st Century. Today, in a world where information is ubiquitous, access is about engagement with the experts, activists, and paradigm shifters wielding the levers of power.

So we’re bringing together all generations of Roosevelters—students, young professionals, and alumni— to be in conversation with leading progressive thinkers through our new Fireside Chat virtual event series.

Every six weeks or so, our community of Roosevelters will gather to discuss how our shared Rooseveltian worldview applies to current events. As the world shifts around us, we hope the opportunity to come together regularly will ground us in our values and offer collective learning opportunities about our efforts to rebalance power in our economy and democracy.

In other words: We’re bringing your Rooseveltian political home to your physical home—as you sit around your kitchen table, on your dorm room bed, or perhaps, if you’re lucky, by a fireside.