Next American Economy New Report: A Vision for the Economy of 2040


Guided by the belief that the U.S. is in the midst of an economic transformation on par with the Industrial Revolution, Roosevelt’s Next American Economy project seeks to identify the trends and challenges that will shape our economy over the next 25 years in order to better inform the policy decisions we must make today.

Looking beyond the short-term concerns that dominate Washington policymaking, NAE draws on the experience and expertise of a diverse group of economists, technologists, union leaders, academics, and entrepreneurs, including NAE Director and Roosevelt Senior Fellow Bo Cutter.

Through initiatives including our breakfast series, working groups, and original research, NAE explores topics including: technologies that will revolutionize the way Americans work, communicate, and relate to the world; the shift from traditional employment to entrepreneurship, freelancing, independent contracting, and gig economy or “peer-to-peer” work; increased economic insecurity resulting from the decline of traditional jobs; and the government’s increasing inability to make policy that benefits society and meets the economy’s most pressing needs.

How do we get to the “Good Economy”?


Technological developments are casting doubt on the role of universities as the primary mediator between skilled workers and labor market opportunity.


Google’s self-driving car has already driven more than 1 million miles



Share of the U.S. population living in urban areas as of 2010.


21st century Americans need a 21st century social contract.


In 2015, the U.S. economy stands at the precipice of a transformation on par with the Industrial Revolution.


In the U.S., more businesses are closing than are being created. The rate of new business formation has been in decline for more than a decade.


“The cloud is a computational enabler for the creation of entirely new workplaces and new markets for work.”



Share of the workforce composed of Independent contractors.


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