The Roosevelt Network recognizes that not enough young people understand the career path of policy and the role it plays in the progressive movement and is working to make the progressive career paths accessible and clear to students who have traditionally been locked out of that process—women, POC, LGBTQ+, etc. Under Network 2.0, our alumni community is repositioned as participants of the Network rather than graduates of it.

Who are Young Professionals?

Anyone who has graduated from a Roosevelt Network fellowship program, been part of a sunsetting Roosevelt @ campus chapter, or participated in any of our programs/events and is up to 5 years out of their undergraduate degree program. Our Young Professional cohorts are an essential part of our piplineing plans. 

What does it mean to be a Roosevelt Network Young Professional?

As a young professional, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in new programs to support you through the early stages of your progressive movement careers. While we are still working on building and scaling up our programs for Young Professionals, you should expect mentorship, training, and career coaching over the coming years.  

What can I sign up for this year?

We launched our first ever Young Professionals Mentorship Program in Spring 2023! Stay tuned next every year in late winter and early spring for Mentor and Mentee sign-up!

Use this form to tell us all of the ways you’d like to be supported under Network 2.0,  and the ways you’d  like to support others!