Dissent Masthead and Also Sign Up For My New Newsletter!

April 10, 2015

Two bits of exciting news this week.

First, I’m starting a biweekly newsletter. It’ll have what I’m up to, including all the things I’ve been writing, collected into one place. It’ll also have my favorite stuff I’ve read, random personal stories, and more. (Blame Google Reader for this I suppose.) Oh, and pictures of my dog too. Given the rate at which I’m writing it’s probably more of an every other week update; we’ll see how it goes. But for now, sign up!

Second, I’m joining the masthead at Dissent as a contributing editor. Here is the annoucement; I was happy to join even before I knew the excellent people they were bringing on board. Nothing much changes for me, I just get to formalize my relationship with the brilliant team they’ve built over there and help make it a standard for left thought going forward.

I also have a review of Naomi Murakawa’s new book on liberal punishment in the latest issue. This newest issue is excellent, but the piece on the assistant economy by Francesca Mari is one of the most bizarre and enlightening business pieces I’ve read recently. Also check out Sarah Jaffe on punk rock feminism and the left once it’s out from the paywall (or better, subscribe!).